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Additional Google Sitelinks Opportunities

By | March 19, 2012

To follow up on Amanda Jerele’s recent post on enhanced sitelinks in paid search, Google is now offering another feature of AdWords sitelinks.

Have you wanted to know how the performance of your campaigns could improve by adding sitelinks? Now you can! Google has released a new feature on the “Opportunities” tab which can show an advertiser the impact of adding Google sitelinks to his/her campaign.

Here is how it works, thanks to the Google AdWords blog:

In the AdWords interface, once on the “Opportunities” tab, click the “Sitelinks” tab as circled below.


Here you can see the potential spend and click increase projected on a campaign basis.
google sitelinks updated

When drilling in further, you can see how your ads would look with sitelinks in preview mode as well as the specific current/future projections by campaign:

google sitelinks changes

It is always recommended to add even more Google sitelinks than the minimum requirement because Google shows the top performers more frequently. Therefore, adding more can boost performance.

Well, what are you waiting for? Implement those Google sitelinks today!

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