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The Lesson From Cyber Monday 2012: Go Mobile or Go Home

By | November 27, 2012

It was good to be an Internet retailer on Cyber Monday. Internet sales jumped to $1.98 billion, up 30.3% from last year, making it the biggest online shopping day ever. What made 2012 unique wasn’t just the sales, it was the emergence of mobile shopping. Here’s how it all went down:

Your customers aren’t just sitting down at a computer to shop anymore. They’re shopping at work, on the bus, on the walk to class and even during lunch and dinner with tablets and smartphones (I made my Cyber Monday purchase in between classes on my iPhone). A well optimized mobile site for your products is crucial to your customers’ experience. That experience should be as seamless and pain-free as possible on smartphones and tablets­—or else they might go elsewhere. Make your mobile store fast with easy-to-find products and provide a simple checkout.

So, what did you buy this Cyber Monday?

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About Nathan Christofaris

Nathan Christofaris is a PR & marketing intern at Fathom. He is a graduate of Kent State's PR program and has worked as PR coordinator for The Tannery Communications and as a reporter for the Daily Kent Stater. Nathan's expertise includes social media, branding, blogging, website management and publicity.


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