What’s the Solution to Highest Lead Generation in Email Marketing?

Giving your subscribers what they want. It seems so simple, right? It all starts with a good subject line. If you have a good subject line, subscribers will open your message.

Again, so simple.

High open rates lead to high click-through rates, presumably, which lead to a high volume of sales or leads generated. That is the formula; now let’s put it into practice.

People open messages when a subject line grabs their attention.  Most subject lines focus  on a quick call to action, such as “Ending Soon” or “Last Chance”, and not about what they truly ought to describe — that is, the content  of the message itself.  A good subject line has to refer to your email message in its entirety. If there is no connection between the subject line and the content of the message, the subscriber will quickly lose interest.

Subscribers know what they want. If they are intrigued by your subject line, they will open your message. Hopefully, they will then scan the content of your email and search for relevant keywords and information that is of value to them. If the content matches what caught their attention in the first place, then you will have their undivided attention and they will click through to learn more. If it does not hold their attention, your message loses its credibility and you could lose your subscriber.

One way to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing is to analyze your open rates with the number of leads or sales generated from your campaign. Take a month or two’s worth of messages and look for trends based on segment, day of the week, time of the send, etc. Do you see patterns between high open rates that lead to a high volume of sales? If so, those are your best subject lines. Once you identify them, compare the kinds of things they have in common with each other. Do they describe the content of your messages well?  Once you understand how your subject lines generate revenue, you will learn more about what your subscribers want from you, and what value you can offer in return.


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