Want More Email Subscribers? Generate Them with SMS!

We have all heard that SMS is a great way to keep your subscribers informed on sales, freebies, etc., but do you know you can grow your email list with this as well?  Here are some basic ideas for growing your email list:

  1. You’ve just given a knockout presentation with great information.  Instead of waiting around at the end to try and talk to every single person and exchange business cards, you simply have one additional slide at the end of the presentation.  You thank them for coming and on this slide ask that if they would like this presentation emailed to them and to sign up to receive your monthly email newsletters, to simply text NEWS to 12345.  The recipient would immediately receive a text asking for their email address.  Once they reply, a response lets them know that this presentation is waiting for them in their email.  This method is faster and easier, not only for you, but also for the attendees.  Even if some of the attendees only have texting capabilities, it gives them a chance to subscribe as well.
  2. Your brick and mortar stores run a 30-second TV spot advertising special promotions.  At the end of the ad it states: Enter to win a $500 shopping spree and receive additional promotions via email by texting SPREE to 12345. This not only creates a sense of urgency to enter a contest, but it also signs up subscribers to receive your emails.
  3. The local hospital wants to expand their patient services.  You want your current subscribers to know this, but you also want potential patients to know.  The hospital advertises in the local newspaper, magazine, on sides of buses, TV and direct mail.  Adding a call to action on these print ads for people to sign up for email newsletters, updates and events by texting NEWS to 12345.  You could also have signs located in waiting areas, reception desks, exam rooms, etc. with posters advertising Want more info about your doctor or updates on the latest research? Text DOCTOR to 12345. This is a great way to keep the conversation flowing between the hospital and patients.

Almost everyone has a cell phone with texting capabilities.  And with the growth of mobile technology, it is now the #1 device for immediate conversation and connection.  So start connecting by implementing an SMS strategy in your marketing mix today.  Test out Fathom Online Marketing’s demo by texting TEXTDEMO to 55678.

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