Technology Companies Use Marketing Automation To Surpass Competition

Is your company’s wide variety of online marketing tactics and media outlets making your online marketing objectives difficult to track? Marketing automation is a way to organize your many online marketing efforts. It helps score and nurture your leads through their purchase cycle and identifies those that are sales-ready leads. It is a clear way to measure your online marketing efforts and determine what tactics are working.

According to MarketingCharts’ B2B Lead Gen Marketers’ Use of Automation Report, of which 40% were technology marketing executives, a majority of marketing automation users have experienced increases in the quantity of leads generated and the quality of leads passed to sales.

Compared to traditional metric users, those who use marketing automation are more likely to:

  • Outgrow their competitors
  • Define their marketing as highly effective and efficient
  • Report strengths in all operational competencies and capabilities
  • Be very or somewhat satisfied with their level of business effectiveness

While your company would benefit from all of the above, according to Jessica Groopman’s “Focus Research Study: A Survey of Marketing Automation Users,” more than 50% of respondents said they had not yet realized the value of their investment in marketing automation. So the question arises, why are some marketing executives not utilizing marketing automation to its full potential?

Of those who were not “very satisfied” with marketing automation:

  • 15% said they had a lack of content campaigns
  • 15% struggled with marketing and sales alignment
  • 15% claimed a lack of optimization technologies

When considering a marketing automation solution, it is important to consider your entire online marketing strategy and how marketing automation can be best utilized to maximize your online campaigns’ performance.

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