7 Steps to Growing Revenue from Email Marketing

As I sit here writing this article and listening to the lyrics of Zac Brown Band’s “Make This Day Better Than The Last”, I can’t help but think about the growing power of email marketing and its integration into all forms of all online marketing.

Email Marketing, in common with all good online marketing, has these features:

  1. Everything can be tracked.
  2. The ROI is definitive.
  3. The ROI kicks the butt of any other medium.

The even better news for email is that its ROI kicks the butt of any of the online means of marketing. After our clients get their first taste of the huge ROI we generate for them in email, they then ask, “What can we do to grow this?” Below are the seven powerful steps to grow revenue and ROI from your email campaigns.

  1. Optimize your landing pages. You should never be happy until your landing page conversion rate is 30%; that’s right, 30%.
  2. Optimize your calls to action for conversions and click-through rate. You should know the percentage of conversions generated from every link, call to action, and image in your email campaign. Then put them in the highest click-through rate locations and know the wording and layout that gets the most gold.
  3. Grow your email database. Get leads from all touch points you have with clients and prospective clients. You should also be doing robust search engine optimization, pay-per-click, online PR, display and social media campaigns designed to make you money on all leads separate from email, plus get you an email address for future marketing.
  4. Mobile Email Messages & Landing Pages. Mobile is growing and growing and growing. You need to meet your subscribers with what they want in all things. Your email messages should have specific capabilities to render a mobile email message and a mobile landing page to the recipient based on if they are using a mobile device or a desktop application.
  5. Integrate Social Media. If you have a very loyal product following for your products, the remarkableness of your product will be enough for your messages to ripple through social networks like Facebook .If not, you need to make the content of your messages remarkable by being so useful to your audience, or so downright entertaining, that people want to share the message. Once you’ve done that, put “Share” and “Like” calls to action in your email. Then watch social networks’ drive revenue to your company.
  6. Integrate SMS. Put text calls to action in your email and other advertising materials. Then use sparingly. SMS has a near 100% read rate, and only 5% of SMS is spam. So, if you send out only useful information rarely, you get a big reach and a big response from those that you message. Furthermore, as ISP’s continue to tighten up what they constitute as acceptable metrics for email marketing, the only way you will reach some of your older less response email leads is through SMS. One other thing — make sure that you take your SMS subscribers to a mobile landing page!
  7. Get great deliverability. I put this last, because you already should do this. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a lot of money. Run domain delivery reports that seed into your mailing and provide the percentage of your send delivered to the inbox and bulk box for each email provider, along with what percentage never arrived. In particular, make sure you are getting 100% inbox at Yahoo (yahoo.com and ymail.com), Hotmail (hotmail.com, msn.com and live.com), Gmail and AOL (aol.com and aim.com). Collectively, the market share for these providers is over 85% for B2C. If even one of them blocks you, your email campaign will take a big hit.

So, make this day better than the last. Follow the seven steps above and bring in the bling!


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Case Study: Email Deliverability

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  • Tricia McCune Bolam says:

    I think I would add – Don’t worry so much about the things that don’t matter. That seems to really be slowing people down in the industry. If everyone stopped sweating the small stuff and really dig into what drives conversions then I would have a lot more competition. Haha

  • Great post Joe. You’re spot on with the landing page percentage. I feel like a lot of marketers shy away from email marketing in lieu of social media initiatives. What people should know is that email marketing can integrate with social media and is one of the easiest mediums to track ROI.

  • Chris Nin says:

    Bravo! This is spot-on. The ROI for email marketing is about 43 times the initial investment! This blog gives some insight about conversion rates.

    I also agree with Tricia. Some marketers sweat the small things too much. Just get to what matters and voila.

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