Nurturing Your Retail Customers with Automated Messaging

Everyone knows it’s cheaper to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one, and since it only takes a few seconds for a consumer to find your competition online, it’s important to nurture your customers and give them a reason to stay loyal to your brand.

Automated email campaigns are a great way to reach your customers at critical times in the customer lifecycle: From the time they opt in to your emails, through their first purchase and as soon as they appear to become un-engaged. Triggering messages based on behaviors is a great way to ensure that you’re sending relevant messages and keeping your customers engaged.

The types of automated emails you develop can vary depending on your company and your industry. Welcome messages, cart abandonment and product or service reviews are becoming more common across all industries but there are endless options and companies are getting more and more creative all the time.

Determining what messages you should automate is as simple as taking a closer look at your company processes and current touch points with the customer. Do you sell a consumable product that needs purchased on a regular basis? Then you should be sending reminder messages that make it convenient for your customer to reorder through your website? Do you sell children’s products? If so are sending coupons to your customers around their kids’ birthdays? If a customer browses a product category on your site but then leaves without converting, are you following up shortly after with an incentive to purchase or a short survey to find out if you had what they were looking for?

With so many possible triggers for emails, it can seem overwhelming to get started but you don’t have to launch everything at once. Determine a few messages that you think will have the most impact and then prioritize them. As you get more comfortable with the process and begin to see results you can continue to add new messages and optimize the initial ones. To help get you started, we’ve created a guide to provide some examples of messages you can automate to nurture your customers at each step of the customer lifecycle.


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