Maximizing Email Conversions by Testing Send Time

Opens, you want them, and they are the second most important part of your email marketing campaigns. Choosing when to send your email campaigns will dramatically affect the number of opens you generate.

It can be a challenge to determine the best sending time, but with rigorous testing, you can be on track to generating more conversions and revenue. To get started, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you sending your emails to the right audience?
  2. Are you following CAN-SPAM laws?
  3. Have you engaged your audience with a relevant subject line?
  4. How is your deliverability with all ISP’s (Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.)?
  5. Are you sending to a large enough list to run a split test?

After you have answered these questions and adjusted your strategy, its time for deployment.  If you’ve determined that you have a large enough list to run a split test, spread your sends out during the day or week. Make sure you are tracking opens, clicks and especially conversions so you can see how the send time affects performance.

In time, you’ll be able to refine your sending times and will learn at which times your audience responds best. Good luck and happy testing!


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Case Study: Email Deliverability

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