Marketing Automation Can Put You Ahead of 75% of the Fortune 500

Fortune 500 Score Card

Could it be that simple? Well, not exactly. Employing marketing automation as a tactic is the first step, but it requires an expert focused on developing strategies and content taking your lead nurturing to the next level. Marketing automation can solve the multitude of issues Fortune 500 B2B companies came across in Matthew Sweezey’s “Fortune 500 B2B Marketing Score Card” (pictured right).

While Fortune 500 companies are adopting marketing automation faster than their B2B peers, there still is a unique opportunity to understand marketing automation capabilities and use them to nudge leads through the sales funnel. Adoption of marketing automation can improve other areas that Fortune 500 companies struggled with in this score card, including conversion follow-up. Automation tools offer the opportunity to follow up in a timely manner that isn’t generic, but instead, catered to that specific person’s needs and/or interests. And in these longer sales cycles, it takes 4 or more nurturing interactions to mature a lead to sales-qualified status (Forrester Research).

Marketing automation done right can also heighten B2B companies’ strengths in content creation and form conversions. Instead of letting great content sit on your site, waiting to be found, send it directly to those who are seeking that type of information. This content reinforces your brand and eases the buyer’s decision process. Don’t stop with an email newsletter: Pay attention to the actions taken and implement lead-scoring to deliver more relevant messages.

The possibilities for marketing automation in the B2B space are endless and according to MarketingCharts, if used properly, it can result in:

  • Outgrowing competitors in the next year
  • Increasing quantity and quality of leads passed to sales
  • Becoming 4.5x more likely to define marketing as highly effective and efficient

Remember to do your research before deciding on a marketing automation platform and gather a team of experts that understand your business and can implement successful strategies. Let us know what your marketing needs are, and we can tell if automation might be the answer…and help you achieve it.


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