Marketing Automation 101 for Manufacturers

Is your manufacturing company using marketing automation? Why not? When used properly, nurturing your leads can strengthen your relationship with prospects. Marketing automation can also help shorten the sales cycle by giving you the ability to quickly respond to your customers and potential customers.

There are many benefits to marketing automation, including:

  • “Who is on now” site tracking. See who is on your site on a regular basis. You can even tie this information to specific leads and current customers if they’ve previously supplied their contact information.
  • Lead Scoring. Score visitors to your site based on their activity – specific pages viewed, time on site, downloads and form completions.
  • Hot Lead Alerts. Send alerts to sales team members of highly scored leads.
  • Reporting. See how your messages are performing based on open rates, clicks through to your site and other metrics.

Make your sales staff spend time pursuing leads that you know are interested, making them more efficient and successful! So ask yourself again, why aren’t you using a marketing automation program?


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