Marketing for Assisted Living: Turning Senior Leads into Move-ins

senior livingDespite myths to the contrary, more than half of U.S. adults over the age of 65 are online. Furthermore, 70% of all online American seniors say they go online every day. Not only are seniors online, but their caregivers—90% of whom own mobile phones—are also. One-third of these caregivers use their mobile phones to look up health information. According to the Pew Research Center, caregivers also:

  • Gather health information online (72%)
  • Participate in social media activities (52%)
  • Attempt to self-diagnose online (46%)

The obvious conclusion? Seniors can be reached online … and through their caregivers.

Senior-living centers looking to increase search visits, visitor-to-lead rates, and lead-to-move-in rates have many options, from organic search to social advertising to lead-nurturing. With an average 6-month lead cycle, buyers’ collaborative decision-making process, and 40-45 ‘touches’ per sale, sophisticated lead-nurturing can maximize the value of websites visitors. In other words, turn more of the many visitors they’re probably already getting into leads who eventually become move-ins. Learn more in our new 17-pg. guide:

From Lead to Move-In: Digital Marketing for the Assisted Living Industry.”

From Lead to Move-in


Photo courtesy of Elliott Brown via Flickr.

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