Linking Strategies for Email Marketing

The relevancy and content of your email marketing is more important than ever.  However, in order to generate the maximum number of conversions and revenue with email marketing, it is equally important to stay up-to-date with the changes that inbox providers make on a seemingly daily basis.

For example, a little more than a year ago, Yahoo added something sneaky to the emails that their subscribers received.  They began linking keywords in the body of emails to a popup window with Yahoo! Search results and paid advertisements.

A minor change to their users, but for an email marketer unaware of this change, the results could be devastating!

Is your email marketing prepared to do battle with this “feature”? It better be! Those who build their messages without knowledge of this are probably missing out on clicks, conversions and revenue. Even worse, what if one of these pop-ups displayed a competitor’s ads?

Here are three quick tips that will help you take back control of your email marketing.

This is your message and you control the links.
Find out which phrases in your emails Yahoo! is likely to link then link them to your website instead. Phrases already linked will not be modified by Yahoo!.

Give them what they want.
Create detailed and specific landing pages and use relevant phrases in your email to link to them.

Use it to your advantage.
If you are already running paid search campaigns with Yahoo! and have pages that rank well organically, run a test to see what exactly comes up when Yahoo! inserts these links. You may be surprised to see your company name linked and the pop-up include your Wikipedia page, organic links to your home page or one of your paid search ads.

Yahoo! subscribers undoubtedly make up a significant portion of your database. Therefore, it’s important to take note of changes like this as soon as they occur and proactively adapt your email marketing in order to maintain a high number of conversions and maximize revenue.


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  • Kelly says:

    Tracking links in emails is UNBELIEVABLY important. We send out a lot of emails, and knowing what people are responding too and which ones are getting “dumped” is crucial to our success. You do NOT want to be sending your list garbage.

    Having said that … making sure the content you send them triggers relevant “thought” AND content is just as important.

  • Tricia McCune Bolam says:

    I was just discussing this with a client. I agree that this is something we should use to our advantage. We get a handful of extra conversions each email by linking those keywords that we think Yahoo is most likely to hijack!

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