Increase Email Conversions and Revenue with Data You Already Have

If you’re serious about your email marketing, then you’re looking for new strategies to increase conversions. I’m willing to bet that you can increase response, and hopefully ROI, with the data you already have in your email lists. Here are some ways to use that data you may not have thought of yet or may have overlooked.

Use conversion history. Be aware of those who have converted in the past, and include related products or services in your emails to them. This will help strengthen your existing relationship and keep it active by maintaining relevance and ideally get repeat conversions for you. In addition, you can reward them for their business with special offers for related items.

Deliver on your promise. If a large chunk of your database is opening but not converting, consider the fact that you may not be following through with what you are offering in the subject. Be sure that the content of your email immediately supports the claim of your subject. Not delivering is an easy way to frustrate and lose your subscribers and your reputation.

Give them more of what they want and less of what they don’t. If you’re sending emails with more than one call to action, consider replacing some of the weaker performing ones with the better performing ones. You’re wasting your time, and your subscribers’, with links that aren’t interesting and don’t perform.

Recognize the failures. Document ”red flags” such as subject lines that decrease opens, calls to action that don’t work and strategies that repeatedly elicit complaints. You should develop a habit of recognizing these items and keeping them away from your campaigns.

If you don’t have the data in place to do any of these, then your email marketing is stuck in the stone age. Consider upgrading to a new provider and implementing tracking code across all campaigns and landing page. After all, the best way to improve conversions and revenue is by testing and you can’t do that effectively without tracking.


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Case Study: Email Deliverability

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  • Colleen Masters says:

    Very good points, Aaron! Nice post with one quick thought:

    “Recognize the failures” but don’t completely discount them. Because they didn’t work for one message doesn’t mean they won’t work for another. It could be the value of the offer, who you segmented to, calls to action, or simply the timing of the message that was the reason for such failure. Know your message’s strengths and know its weaknesses. And as always, test test test.

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