How Much Revenue Is Your Email Design Costing You?

Take an objective look at the email your company is sending, not the process mind you, but the email itself.  Do you think it is the best it can possibly be?  If the answer is anything but a resounding “YES!” then you are effectively leaving money on the table.

Your email template is the face of your campaign once it hits your recipient’s inbox.  It needs to be friendly and familiar, efficient and engaging and most importantly: convey your message quickly.  An inefficient message can cost your campaign 10-20% or more – that is a lot of revenue to forgo at such a crucial point in your campaign’s process.  If your recipient is not captivated by your message there is little chance they will click through to the landing page and complete the action you want them to take.

The email you send out should be constructed with your audience, industry, best practices and your end goal all in mind – and you should not compromise on any of them.  What kind of template performs the best when sent to engineers?  How about doctors?  What if you are having a sale on a cool gadget, but you need your email template to account for image blocking – how should you optimize your template in that scenario?

Be careful not to overlook your email design.  Answering these questions can be your first step towards realizing your email campaign’s full potential.


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Case Study: Email Deliverability

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