Gmail's New Inbox Changes: How Will it Affect Your Business?

Gmail tabs were fully rolled out in July—below are answers to frequently asked questions about related Gmail changes and how they will affect your email program.  It’s important that you address these questions and begin formulating a plan that will set you up for success.

Q: How will this affect my email program?

A: Separating promotion emails from a user’s primary view can significantly lower engagement. Early in the tabs roll out, programs were experiencing a 9% drop in open rates. With the full rollout last Friday, a much larger drop is expected.

Q: Will this impact Gmail deliverability?

A: It is still early, but Gmail inbox placement is based largely on engagement. While your engagement in Gmail may drop, so will the acceptable benchmarks.

Q: What tab will my emails show up in?

A: While there isn’t reporting on what tab your emails show up in, the filtering is pretty standard at this point. We are still learning more about the filtering but a quick check of your own Gmail account will help you determine where your company’s emails might show up.

Q: What should I be doing to be successful?

A: While the effects of this change are still new, best practices still apply – send highly engaging emails with relevant, timely offers. A few additional tips are below:

  1. Monitor, monitor, monitor – Watch Gmail engagement and see how users are interacting with your program. Learn more about what offers are working in the new world of Gmail.
  2. Send a Gmail- specific campaign – Explain to your users how to find your emails to still receive offers. Walk them through adding you to the primary box.
  3. Launch Gmail Sponsored Promotions – see below!
  4. Optimize for mobile – Opens will be harder to come by, your campaign MUST be ready! Some Fathom clients have 65%+ of opens from mobile devices.
  5. Differentiate your email programs – Separate your marketing emails from transactional emails so not everything is lumped into the promotions bucket.
  6. Optimize your campaigns for keywords – Emails will stick around for longer in user’s inboxes. Advanced search capabilities can help response rates.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail sponsored promotions are ads placed into a user’s promotions tab that act like an email.

GSP is in beta, and there are a variety of targeting options from demographics to verticals to uploading an email database. This operates like a paid ad and currently has a $15k minimum. Below is an example of targeting options for the education industry.

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