Email Marketing Explodes as the Holiday Season Starts

Email marketing flexed its muscles at the start of the holiday season with thousands of messages being sent from all of the top online brands.

Analysis of over 1200 commercial email senders showed strong volume the day before Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. Sending peaked on Cyber Monday with almost one third of senders being active.

With the biggest single days of the year behind us, here is what you can do to maximize your email marketing revenue generation during the remainder of the holiday season.

Increase your frequency. Monitor your metrics closely to avoid annoying your subscribers. You could even go a step further and inform them of the increased frequency.

Send on weekends. Again, monitor your metrics on this one because it might not be a good fit for your industry.

Deep link to products on your website. Links in your email should go to very specific and relevant landing pages.  Remove as many clicks as possible between email and conversion.

Build smaller segments. Take extra time to build those smaller segments you skipped over earlier in the year. Target them with ultra-relevant content and watch email conversions take off!

Image Description – This image shows the number of emails sent by the 1200 senders analyzed each day from November 24th through the 29th.


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  • Janet Aldrich says:

    Definitely agree that reducing clicks is helpful. From personal experience, the more I have to tunnel through to the substance of what I was promised, the less likely I am to do it.

    It’s also really important to minimize/downsize graphics. Most people don’t have a lot of time to waste this time of year and if something (like a large image, or even a connection between your customer and your emp’s image storage) slows things down, your mail might not get read.

  • John Scheiderer says:

    Deep linking is a great way to improve your conversion rate.

    I’ve tried linking to both related categories and related products. The related product links showed a huge boost in conversion rate; almost doubling the related category links.

  • Colleen Masters says:

    Lots of good points, Tim. I would also suggest to continue A/B testing — especially during the holiday season when email marketing ramps up. If you test variables on one landing page vs another, for example, you could easily find which one had a higher conversion rate.

  • Colleen Hurley says:

    “Increase your frequency. Monitor your metrics closely to avoid annoying your subscribers. You could even go a step further and inform them of the increased frequency.”

    I think this is the most important take away here. I have recently unsubscribed from several of my email sign ups because I was getting annoyed with how often they were sending me emails. Don’t forget that many people receive emails on their phones when they are sent. An email waking me up at 4 am to tell me about 40% off annoys me.

  • Tim Roman says:

    Thanks for all the additional tips!

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