Don't Be a Conversation Killer — It Kills Your Conversions

Everybody has that one friend, family member or colleague who knows exactly what to say to ruin a conversation. They may not even mean to, but you’re all sitting at dinner, discussing a  particular topic , and what! He or she chimes in and the conversation is dead. Being awkward, aggressive, off-topic, unfriendly – these mistakes can stop a conversation dead in its tracks. They can also kill an email conversation, and your conversions. You don’t want to be that person, whether in real life or in email.

  1. Don’t start out by putting up your guard, or your reader’s. Sending from “” is a good way to stop the conversation before it begins. You want your reader to reply and respond, so before building your email, get your envelop information in order.
  2. Avoid aggressive language that would scare off people who are not ready to commit, such as “BUY NOW” or “APPLY NOW”. Give these commitment-phobes a less anxiety-inducing option to “Learn More” or “Explore Your Options”.
  3. Keep your conversation focused. Your design, copy and call to action should all work towards the same goal. Let the recipient know who you are, what you offer and how and why they can and should accept it. Stay away from extra FYI topics that distract your message. Leave off-topic conversations for blogs. Have you seen this funny cat video?
  4. When designing your emails think about how you sound to the recipient. You should be communicating with them, not talking at them. Keep the email conversational and do not use unfriendly or pretentious language. Start with “Hi Stephen” rather than a generic “Hi, Customer” or worse, no greeting at all. Talk to the person as you would talk to a friend.

The flow of your email should be consistent and drive the recipient to the call of action. As always, the best practices most appropriate for you are the ones you’ve tested with your list and that you know work. Implementing these tips is another effective way to avoid killing a conversation — and killing your conversions.


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  • Tim Roman says:

    5. Designing emails with a tall header or with only images in the top portion. Try to keep as much content and calls to action above the fold as possible. You don’t need a giant logo, or 20 navigation links.

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