Doing Quality Assurance Smarter … Fathom-Style

Doing email smarter extends to our quality assurance process.  While QA is not glamorous, it is critical to an effective email campaign.  Nothing undermines your credibility more than a grammatical error, rendering issue, or broken link.  With the number of email clients available, it can be a challenge to make sure your email is rendering correctly. Doing QA smarter means more than simple error-proofing. Rather, it’s a thorough review to make sure every message aligns with your business strategy.

That’s where Fathom’s standardized QA process comes in.

We review every execution from top to bottom to make sure it’s perfect for every lead, every time. And this is how we make it happen:



Content QA is more than a quick press of the spell check button in your Word document.  While we review every send to ensure it is of the highest quality and error-free, doing QA smarter means taking it to the next level. We thoroughly review the contents of your email to ensure the copy is aligned with your business and marketing strategy. And of course, we make sure there are no misspellings that your customers would catch!



With a new version of Outlook released every few years and a litany of web and mobile email clients, it’s not feasible to check every client manually. However, if you’re not careful, you could be sending emails with rendering issues that you’re completely unaware of. We use advanced marketing technology to quickly identify any rendering issues before an email send. Every email needs to be perfect before it’s launched. End of story.



After you spend time creating custom landing pages that are optimized to convert, it would be tragic if you accidentally inserted a broken link. We check every single link in an email (including link appends for proper Google Analytics tracking) to ensure your message is taking your leads to exactly where they expect to go.


Landing Pages

With each perfect email you send, the closer you are to having a perfect email campaign. We QA the complete customer journey from email to landing page to ensure a seamless user experience. Every email links to your website or custom designed landing pages that are designed to convert your customers to leads.  Through our QA process, we review every page to make sure it connects to your business strategy and offers a seamless user experience.


Having a consistent process for QA is necessary for any email campaign.  With our approach, you can be confident that every email sent is of the highest quality.

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