Delivering Value to the Inbox after a Conversion

How many of your customers are repeat buyers? How many were referred by past customers? How many left reviews, ratings, or testimonials?

How many of your leads got quick, easy access to your latest whitepaper? How many knew which salesperson was going to follow up with them on the phone, and when?

Email marketing doesn’t stop at the conversion. It should do a 180. Instead of focusing on acquisition, is transforms into a tool for nurturing conversions and building long term relationships. When successful, this will lead to two huge benefits.


More and more email clients are tracking message interaction and taking it into consideration when delivering messages. Gmail has the Priority Inbox, Hotmail has tested sorting by user interaction, and Facebook has the “Other” message area.  Build strong relationships with your subscribers and their email inbox logic by sending messages that generate more opens and clicks.


Develop loyal customers buying by rewarding them with regular coupons, exclusive discounts, and private, members-only, content.   Send them frequent updates about the status of their order, their information request, or their quote. Loyal customers will reward you with opens, clicks, conversions, and most importantly, referrals.


Check out our white paper for 6 secrets to improve email deliverability. You’ll learn how making the inbox can mean big dollars for your business. Includes a case study of adaptive deliverability that boosted customer response by 19%.

Case Study: Email Deliverability

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