Is There a Best Time To Recycle Your Leads?

[Ed. note: This post is the 3rd in a series of guest-post exchanges between Fathom and Right On Interactive, a marketing automation company that emphasizes lifecycle marketing “that helps organizations win, keep and grow business.” Lauren Littlefield is Right On Interactive’s director of marketing.]

recyclingLeads come in, we nurture them, sales reaches out to them; and so begins the process of advancing and converting the prospect into a customer. By scoring leads, marketers and salespeople alike, you can determine who the “best-fit” prospects are and begin to communicate with them in a manner that encourages engagement and results in revenue. But what happens to the prospects who don’t convert into customers?

It’s time to sort what you think may be garbage into what’s good and bad data. A lead who has yet to convert into a customer is not necessarily a bad lead. There’s a big difference between a slow-to-convert lead and someone who is no longer with an organization, has an email bounce, etc.

It’s important to take into account a lead’s stage in the life cycle or customer journey before deciding whether or not to recycle it. A lead who is in the early stages of the journey or life cycle with your brand may be interested in thought leadership and a basic introduction to who you are and what you do. Whereas a lead who has moved along in the journey as a prospect and is on the cusp of converting into a customer may be more interested in case studies and more detailed discussions.

Ultimately, a lead’s lifecycle stage is more important than any other specific timing to determine when to recycle the leads. A lead’s fit to the “ideal customer” profile, engagement with a brand and lifecycle stage all need to be factored into the type of communication it receives.

Marketing automation provides the capability to segment these leads and send them targeted communications in an effort to move them forward in the life cycle, regardless of their “lead life.”


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About Lauren Littlefield

Lauren is the director of marketing for Right On Interactive, a lifecycle marketing automation company that helps organizations win, keep and grow business. With over nine years of experience in technology, marketing, public relations and higher education, Lauren joined the Right On team in April 2013. She is a 2013 graduate of the Hamilton County Leadership Academy (Ind.), a board member of Girls on the Run of Hamilton County and the president of Housing Corporation for Phi Mu Fraternity at Ball State University. She has previously served as the vice president, programming and the secretary of the Indianapolis Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Lauren earned her BA in Communication from Hanover College. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, running, IndyCar and the Indianapolis Colts.

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