Are You Thinking about Holiday Shopping?

I know it is not even Halloween yet, but if you are running an Ecommerce site you should already have your Holiday Season Marketing Plan in place as well as a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis. With a sluggish economy and a high unemployment rate competition is going to be fierce, as consumers will have plenty of time to shop around for the best price on their gifts. In recent years a new threat has emerged and the real question is can you compete with the competition online.

Take the time to research your competition especially, the specials they are offering and the email coupons they are sending to their consumers. Think about the ways you can outperform your competition such as, including the cost of shipping in the price of the product and advertising “Free Shipping”. Shoppers’ psyche love the idea of getting something for “free” and if they perceive value from your promotions they are more likely to purchase your products rather than your competitors. Don’t be shy with offering coupons via email, twitter, and facebook. You already know they are a fan of your products so give them a reason to buy them.

Even though your site is online make sure the custom experience is everything the consumer is looking for, include expected arrival dates and follow up emails with clear contact information and the status of their order. According to How We Shop in 2010 55% of consumers report that a product with a high rating will increase their likelihood to purchase, so include a reviews section for every product to amplify your sales. This article also states that 68% of consumers aged 18-26 use emailed coupons, so implement a marketing plan that targets this unique and emerging market. For more information on how to run an effective Ecommerce website and Opt-in Email campaign please visit the Fathom website. Happy Holiday Shopping to All and to All a Happy New Year.


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