An Introduction to Email Marketing and Mobile

After returning from the EEC11 conference in Miami, we learned one consistent thing about email marketing trends in a multi-channel world. This is going to be the year that most marketers will concentrate on their customer’s behavior and preferences and optimize their campaigns accordingly for the best online experience.

One way to achieve this is by optimizing your email marketing and direct marketing strategy for mobile devices.

You’re probably thinking: Do I need to re-format my email campaigns for mobile users? Should I include SMS in the strategy? Should social media play a role? Don’t panic! Let’s go over the basics today and we’ll go more in depth over the next couple of weeks.

The mobile phone is quickly becoming the device of choice for receiving email. While you don’t need to create a whole new email for mobile devices, you need to do the following:

  • Know how your messages will be viewed.
  • Keep your message contextually relevant.
  • Keep your design short and simple.
  • Know your customer’s preferences.

Other Considerations

Create opt-in’s via SMS at every customer touch-point. It could be on a TV ad, print ad, business card or even on a napkin! Be sure to have a campaign approved for SMS via an agency that knows what they are doing because, it can be complicated.

More Information: Grow your Email Marketing List with QR Codes

Social media can create an incredible mobile experience. Marketers should be integrating social media into their email campaigns today. These emails can prompt someone to share something via Facebook or Twitter and then be sent a text message or another mobile experience. This can help with your data collection, and improve your understanding of your customer’s wants and needs aiding in increased relevancy in future messages.

Marketers will have a harder time reaching their customers if they don’t think holistically about ways to influence and leverage a response. With more communication options available than ever before, your consumers will increasingly dictate the terms of their online experience.


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Case Study: Email Deliverability

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