6 Secrets to Improving Email Inbox Deliverability

Have you ever wondered why your important email marketing messages don’t make it into your customers’ inboxes? How about how much potential revenue you could be missing out on when your legitimate messages get caught in spam folders? If either of the previous questions sounds familiar, then we have the white paper for you.

I’m excited to present “When Making It into the Inbox Means Millions,” co-authored with my colleagues Joe Soltis and Jeff Herrmann. As the title of this blog post indicates, it contains 6 secrets to improve email deliverability. We share them with you to illustrate what maximum deliverability requires and how it enhances an ROI-driven email marketing campaign.

The paper’s basic argument is that by working with an agency partner to manage the sending of mass emails with adaptive delivery methods, your business can potentially stand to gain millions more dollars in just a matter of months.

Head-to-head case study
The report also contains a case study of how Fathom’s deliverability performed in a head-to-head test against a leading commercial ESP. Hint: We brought significantly more deliveries using the same messages sent to parts of the same subscriber database during the same time period. This increase in deliveries translated to more opens, which in turn, translated to more conversions. For the full details (including a helpful glossary of email terms), please check out the email deliverability white paper.  It’s free, and we hope you like it.

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