5 Ways to NOT Write a Good Sales Email

It’s Thursday morning, coffee is in hand, and email is open. As I begin wading through 38 unopened emails, I realize that 29 are what I’d consider spam. I also realize that I give myself less than 2 seconds to make this judgment. In a split second, I decide whether to delete or save emails for response later, and I find this intriguing. Being in marketing myself, I almost feel guilty not giving these emails a chance. But the hard truth of the matter is that very small things – a subject line, a greeting, font size or format, or even one tiny word – make my decision for me.

As many would agree, it’s the small things that matter most in life (and business) – and writing a good sales email isn’t any different. So, in my very un-salesy opinion, here’s what I consider to be instantly delete-worthy email mistakes we’re all guilty of making at times:

1.  Using different font (style or size) for the introduction – I can’t tell you how many times I see this (on a daily basis), but it’s an instant indicator that you simply copied and pasted my name into an email template. UGH













2.  Starting your first or second sentence with “we”. Very, very rarely will I actually care about what your company does.  You’re one of many sales emails I get every day, and if I cared about what each and every company reaching out did, I’d go crazy with more information than my brain could handle.  Tell me what you can do for me, and I MIGHT read on a little further.


3.  Sending an email that’s ALL image with little or no text showing up in the email preview screen. Most people, myself included, do not automatically allow images to be downloaded in emails – there are extra steps that need to be taken in order to see email images. If I don’t know you, and there’s not a compelling reason for me to download images, I’m not going to spend the extra three seconds doing it. Be cognizant of this when designing your email templates.3-email

4.  Sending duplicate emails. It’s difficult to keep databases clean, and to prevent duplicate contacts from being part of your email lists. However, when I receive two of the same emails back to back, I guarantee I won’t open either. Clearly, I’m just part of a blast send – and I hate blast sends.






5.  Sending emails with background colors. It just looks spammy.


Have email pet peeves of your own? Or maybe tips for writing a good sales email that inspires opens and action? Feel free to comment below!

About Jenni Ramminger

Jenni is the Director of Marketing at Fathom, responsible for strategizing and executing branding, lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns. She previously worked as a Senior Account Executive at Fathom, managing digital strategy and execution for clients in the legal, technology, and ecommerce industries. She is also Fathom’s live chat implementation expert, and leader of “Web Analytics Wednesdays – Cleveland”, an event for analytics & marketing companies in the Cleveland area.

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