4 Proven Email Marketing Tactics

As with other types of online marketing, it’s easy to get caught up with new trends. For example, maybe your email marketing campaigns have gone overboard with social media integration. It may seem like a great idea at first, but have you analyzed its effect on your conversion rates and email marketing revenue generation?

Take a step back from all the hype and review 4 proven email marketing tactics that will boost email marketing revenue and conversions.

  1. Optimize the text version of your emails to include more relevant content by using personalization along with solid segmentation. This will make it easier to get the same success from your Facebook and mobile subscribers, and in turn, get your messages to the customers that buy through growing channels.
  2. Keep offering free information through newsletters, blogs, and emails. Use twitter and Facebook when appropriate to increase the reach of your acquisition campaigns by showing others the value of subscribing. Give these blossoming customers exclusive incentives.
  3. Routinely analyze the behavior of your loyal subscribers. They can be an excellent barometer for the overall health of your email marketing and give valuable insight on what new trends may or may not be worth exploring.
  4. Utilize automated messaging. Implement shopping cart abandonment emails to capture lost conversions. Follow up instantaneously with lead form submissions with a quick thank you and details of when you will contact them.

What other tactics do you consistently use to generate more revenue with your email marketing?


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  • The four things that you have listed are in my opinion are the most important things that you have to look at when working an email marketing program. If you do not analyze the the things that you are doing, you will never be successful using this form of advertising.

  • Tricia McCune Bolam says:

    Yea, I worry that people are adding social media elements to their emails without any tracking or testing. I have done some social media email testing and I think people would be surprised at the results.

    The best way to generate more revenue is to test and analyze.

  • Tim Roman says:

    I think social media is great for some companies, but it is certainly not right for all companies. My biggest concern with social media and email is that subscribers may be distracted by the links and miss the primary calls to action. So they leave the email and hit facebook. At that point, you’ve likely lost their attention and they basically need to reopen the email before you are able to get them to follow through with the desired conversion.

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