28 Marketing Automation Stats that Matter

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Marketing automation facts and statistics can be found all over the Web. The numbers to support the use of marketing automation are staggering. When you are making a business case internally for marketing automation, these numbers can help you validate the investment. We’ve assembled all of the best marketing automation stats into one place:

Current State of the Marketing Automation Industry

While we have uncovered the marketing automation industry’s growth, here’s a breakdown (in numbers) of past growth, where the industry currently stands and future outlook.

  1. Marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last 5 years. (Focus Research) Tweet This Stat!
  2. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human. (Gartner Research) Tweet This Stat!
  3. There are over 110 vendors in the marketing automation space. (Show Me Leads) Tweet This Stat!
  4. B2B marketers spent about $325 million on marketing automation in 2011—50% more than they did in 2010. (Raab Associates) Tweet This Stat!
  5. 45% of marketing automation spending came from mid-sized companies. (Fision Online) Tweet This Stat!
  6. 92% of smaller businesses said they plan to increase their marketing budgets to include marketing automation as well. (Fision Online) Tweet This Stat!
  7. Manufacturers increased automation processes by 25% in 2011. (Fision Online) Tweet This Stat!

Marketing & Sales Alignment

The first few stats explain the current need for marketing automation and then we uncover how marketing automation can solve these current problems.

  1. 50% of qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately. (Gleanster Research) Tweet This Stat!
  2.  81% of best-in-class companies list wanting to close sales faster as their number one reason for implementing marketing automation. (Focus Research) Tweet This Stat!
  3.  The average sales cycle has increased 22% over the past 5 years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process. (Sirius Decisions) Tweet This Stat!
  4. Companies that invest in marketing automation solutions see 70% faster sales cycle times, and 54% improvement in quota achievement. (Bulldog Solutions) Tweet This Stat!
  5. 47% of B2B marketers say they either close fewer than 4% of all marketing-generated leads, or they don’t even know this metric. (Forrester Research) Tweet This Stat!
  6. Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. (The Annuitas Group) Tweet This Stat!
  7. Companies find 20% more sales opportunities when using marketing automation. (DemandGen) Tweet This Stat!
  8. 59% of CMOs expect to increase effectiveness and efficiency of marketing by implementing automated marketing solutions. (Bulldog Solutions) Tweet This Stat!
  9. Marketing automation provides a 225% increase in volume of prospects that convert to sales opportunities. (SHIPSERV) Tweet This Stat!
  10. Marketing automation users report 3x more leads passed to sales after one month. (Marketo) Tweet This Stat!
  11. Lead nurturing reduces the % of marketing generated leads ignored by sales (from as high as 80% to as low as 25%). (Bulldog Solutions) Tweet This Stat!

Cost Savings & Revenue Increases

The section may be the most vital when making a business case for marketing automation – the effect on your bottom line.

  1. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Forrester Research) Tweet This Stat!
  2. 47% of nurtured leads make larger purchases over non-nurtured leads. (The Annuitas Group) Tweet This Stat!
  3. Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. (Gartner Research) Tweet This Stat!
  4. In the highest performing organizations, 40% of the revenue is generated by marketing, versus 22% for average companies. (Marketo) Tweet This Stat!
  5. Gartner estimates a 15% savings on creative production with marketing automation. Tweet This Stat!
  6. Gartner estimates a 5% reduction in marketing waste through automating fulfillment. Tweet This Stat!
  7. A case study of a freight transport facilitator showed a 50% cost reduction in customer acquisition. ( MarketingSherpa) Tweet This Stat!

Marketing Automation Roadblocks

Marketing automation is a fairly new tool, and the understanding of its many parts can still be a challenge for its users. Adding the fuel to keep the marketing automation platform used to its full potential, however, provides a different challenge for marketers – lead generation, content and process.

  1. 25% of marketers who are not using their marketing automation platform at its fullest potential. (Forrester) Tweet This Stat!
  2. 76% of CMOs list high-end lead generation as their biggest challenge. (Marketing Sherpa) Tweet This Stat!
  3. 64% of CMOs have either an informal or no process to manage their marketing automation. (The Annuitas Group) Tweet This Stat!

The Case for Marketing Automation

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