Manufacturing Team Solders for Kids!

Manufacturing team members learn how to solder.     Manufacturing team members learn how to solder.

Earlier this week the manufacturing team at Fathom spent several hours working with the RePlay for Kids organization, learning how to solder. Our goal was to repurpose toys for children with disabilities, who need custom controls to play with their battery-powered toys.

Led by Edie from RePlay for Kids, we had a wonderful time learning how to carefully take the toys apart, solder new cconnections to the internal switches, and then carefully put them back together. In the end they look like new or close to it!

Lessons Learned:

  • Soldering is fun!
  • It isn’t “child’s play” taking apart those simple-looking toys.
  • Threading needles can be hard, but stitching isn’t that bad.
  • Feeling accomplished and fulfilled with a working modified toy is AMAZING!

If you would like to learn more about RePlay for Kids, visit their website at It’s an amazing three-person organization that has provided access to everyday toys for thousands of children with disabilities to help them improve their skills and have fun.

Thank you to Natalie Wardega, Director of Operations, and Edie Dale, Program Coordinator, for the opportunity to be a part of their efforts and to help children throughout Northeast Ohio

Joanna Hughes has help from Edie from RePlay for Kids.     J.J. Anderson solders on the new switch.

    Jennifer Hageman solders on the new switch.      Justin Schultz locating main switch to override.

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