Assemble Your Digital Marketing Plan

We’re excited to announce the inaugural MFG Standard, a manufacturing marketing magazine created to serve all types of manufacturing companies by providing valuable digital marketing benchmarks, trends, updates and next steps toward becoming an industry leader. Backed by research, data, and industry expertise, the marketing information in this report provides actionable next steps to increase sales and revenue.

The first issue, “Assembling Your Digital Marketing Plan,” covers these essential manufacturing marketing topics:

  • Key findings from The Content Marketing Institute’s “2015 B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Report.”
  • What the ‘must-have’ pages for manufacturing websites are and how they help to differentiate you from competitors.
  • Why Gmail Sponsored Promotions are the future of advertising for manufacturers.
  • Crucial updates to the Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance, which will create a wealth of new advertising opportunities.
  • How the growth of Pardot, a marketing automation software platform with a focus in manufacturing, will lead to enhanced communication along the manufacturing sales funnel.
  • The rise of content marketing and brand publishing as a force to be reckoned with in industrial marketing.

The MFG Standard helps manufacturing companies thrive in a changing economic climate and keep up with the most vital manufacturing marketing trends.

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About Victoria Grieshammer

Victoria Grieshammer is the Senior Marketing Coordinator of Content Development at Fathom. Formerly, she was the Head of Marketing on the Fathom Manufacturing team. Victoria joined Fathom as an Associate Copywriter after graduating from Allegheny College with degrees in English and Psychology. Her previous experience includes e-commerce copywriting at Little Tikes and coordinating social media campaigns for small businesses, giving her a varied background in digital marketing. You can also find her on Twitter at @Vgrieshammer1.

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