Master Manufacturing Marketing at the MAGNET-Fathom Workshop

MAGNET is known for its dedication to the individual growth of manufacturers in the North East Ohio Area.
Magnet_Invite_MFG_Cropped Fathom provides manufacturing marketing expertise, specializing in revenue growth. On July 16th, these two local manufacturing juggernauts are combining powers—to your benefit—in a digital marketing workshop focused on  manufacturing marketing.

Together, we offer manufacturers the opportunity to access unbounded growth through digital marketing. The workshop is titled “How Modern Manufacturers are Leveraging Digital Marketing to Grow Their Businesses” and is aimed at getting manufacturers up to speed on digital marketing trends.

Plus, Google will be there. Yupp, Google—the search engine giant that is largely responsible for making or breaking your digital presence will be available to personally advise your manufacturing marketing.

Representatives of Google will be attending and presenting at this workshop, highlighting the digital trends that are most vital for manufacturers to pay attention to. Specifically, they’ll be covering the best ways to use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, which are hot button topics for manufacturers. Google representatives will cover when, and how, manufacturers should utilize this marketing tactic.

The workshop itinerary was planned with targeted manufacturing marketing data and will address the most pressing topics. In fact, each of the presentations and segments was coordinated around the pain points revealed in the Content Marketing Institute’s Manufacturing Marketing Report, a known industry leader in manufacturing benchmark data.

The industrial marketing topics that will be covered include:

  • Digital marketing trends for manufacturers: what to be aware of and how you can pull ahead
  • Content marketing—what it is, how to implement it, and why manufacturers should use it
  • How Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) increase sales & marketing alignment
  • Interactive digital marketing assessments to find out where you measure up
  • Putting digital marketing to use with advice from real, local manufacturers
  • The importance of comprehensive marketing and pulling tactics together along the full manufacturing sales funnel

Along with the expertise of Google representatives, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge from Pardot representatives and the manufacturing marketing experts of Fathom. Pardot is a B2B marketing automation software provider with specific experience in the manufacturing industry. The Pardot representatives will be speaking on the value of creating and nurturing client relationships through marketing automation.

If you want to learn how to maneuver the digital space and profitably grow your manufacturing business—but you don’t know how, this workshop is for you. Register today and take advantage of the opportunities for manufacturers in digital marketing.

Victoria Grieshammer

About Victoria Grieshammer

Victoria Grieshammer is the Senior Marketing Coordinator of Content Development at Fathom. Formerly, she was the Head of Marketing on the Fathom Manufacturing team. Victoria joined Fathom as an Associate Copywriter after graduating from Allegheny College with degrees in English and Psychology. Her previous experience includes e-commerce copywriting at Little Tikes and coordinating social media campaigns for small businesses, giving her a varied background in digital marketing. You can also find her on Twitter at @Vgrieshammer1.

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