Marketing: The Best Inside Salesperson You’ll Ever Hire

As my career before Fathom was that of a B2B salesperson, I’d like to share the biggest marketing lessons I’ve learned so far from working here as they relate to industrial sales.

Marketing always had a bit of a stigma tied to it in my previous job selling industrial equipment.  This is something I noticed in my own business as well as the customers and vendors I called on.  Sales was in charge of bringing in revenue, and marketing was less a department than it was a budget for the salespeople to dip into for print collateral and trade shows.  Here are just a few things that I didn’t know marketing could do:

  • Generate targeted, focused inbound leads.
  • Create reconnaissance information for sales as to what buyers are reading, clicking and commenting about online.
  • Engage leads with relevant information automatically and scoring it so that sales can know exactly where a prospect is at in the buying cycle.
  • Assist post-salesperson engagement with content to help close the deal.
  • Work with post sale customers to monitor online behavior and provide nurturing collateral to stoke future referral business.

The best part about all of this is that everything is measurable.  Every dollar of digital marketing spend can be tracked from first engagement all the way to the close of the sale, and compared to other forms of traditional spend.  If your business has an e-commerce platform, it can sometimes even take a customer all the way to the close.

In short, marketing is the best inside salesperson I’ve ever had.  Don’t ignore the potential of this discipline or group of people.  Make it part of your sales team.

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About Jeff Sobieraj

Jeff Sobieraj is a business development manager at Fathom. He brings 10+ years of business development and capital equipment sales experience to the job, most recently working with an industrial design and engineering firm that develops and builds custom material-handling automation solutions for large-scale industrial, manufacturing and distribution operations. As both an industrial buyer and seller, his understanding of various sales channels made him a perfect fit to help Fathom’s manufacturing clients explore their options to grow revenue in the digital world. Outside of Fathom, Jeff is also the current president of the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club, the largest and longest-running young professionals association in the city.

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