Manufacturers: Read on Before Finalizing Your 2015 Marketing Budget

While you might be a manufacturing marketer, you’re just like any other marketer in a million other industries thinking about budgets for 2015: where do you put all your eggs? One basket? Two? Five?

And just what’s in this basket?

Before you reach for that calculator to divide up your marketing dollars or ask the CFO for an increase in budgets, consider your company’s #1 goal for next year. Then consider what tactics really help get you there.

Do you want to generate organic search engine traffic to your website? Is creating purposeful content to become known as a thought leader in your industry important? Should you consider making your website more accessible to mobile users? Does your site need a complete design overhaul? If you’re advertising with paid search, are you tracking which leads call your company instead of filling out a lead form? Do your content marketing efforts include making your website’s blog the hub of all your content? And with a longer sales cycle, are you properly nurturing your prospects while they’re in decision mode?

Check out our newly released guide for making the most of your 2015 marketing budget.

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