Manufacturers: Are You Attracting the Right Employees with Your Careers Pages?

Articles abound on the Internet raising discussions on how to attract qualified employees to the Manufacturing fields. Trade schools, four-year colleges and even high schools are offering skilled training programs for individuals interested in working in manufacturing.

Competition for those skilled workers is high among companies looking to bring the best to their business. And with today’s generation searching online for available options, it’s more important than ever that your business’ Careers pages are up to snuff. Following is a checklist of items you should have to compete with the best:

1. Company Background – Lay out the history of your company, letting prospective candidates know how long you’ve been in business and how your company has changed over the years.
2. Who’s Who – Connect your careers page to an Employees page, letting interested candidates see the faces, job descriptions, and backgrounds of those who they would be working with. Consider posting a video to that page of employees talking about why they love working at your company.
3. Culture – If your business has a unique culture, showcase that on a separate Company Culture page. Post pictures of fun events, company parties, dress-down/up days, etc. Everyone wants to know more about your environment.
4. Be Descriptive – Make sure the job descriptions clearly state the qualifications needed, with a layout of what the job entails.
5. Benefits – Go into detail about all health benefits, paid time off, 401k options, exercise rooms, health club discounts, etc., that your company offers to employees.
6. Trainings/Education Opportunities – Explain details of onsite or offsite educational training, talk about various certifications, advancement opportunities, and more.
7. Awards – Brag about your business. Whether it’s industry awards for excellence or “best place to work” accolades, list them here.
8. Community Involvement – Whether employees help charities or are heavily involved in the community, let prospective candidates get a glimpse into how they can be part of the greater good.
9. Customers – This is a great time to talk about customers who interested candidates might be interested in working with, especially if you work with well-known brands.
10. Top 10s – Give interested candidates a Top 10 Reasons to Work Here page. Get creative, be fun. Get your employees involved to help create this page. Perhaps even have them sign their names to the reason that they give.

Take a stab at letting interested candidates get a peek inside your company. Use your job ads as marketing opportunities. Showcase your company’s brand. Don’t worry about your Careers section matching the tone of the rest of your website. Let your personalities shine!


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