Give Users What They Want: What Manufacturing End Users Look For On Your Site

Search is a daily function in all our lives. Need to solve a problem? Buy a product? Find the answer to useless trivia? You go to the Internet search bar. We live in an immediate demand world, and in the industry of manufactured goods, there’s no difference.

Based on a survey Fathom conducted of manufacturing end users, 100% of responses indicated that when visiting vendor’s websites, what they look for is a search function. “One of the top things that I want is a search” said one HSE (Health Safety and Environment) Manager, “I want to be able to go in there, type in some idea of what it is I’m looking for and get to it without all the minutia of their site.” Time is a value to us all, and industry professionals are looking to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily.

User experience is the utmost importance for your website. If visitors get frustrated trying to find what they want quickly, they turn from a prospective customer to someone you’ll never to business with. “I’ll just move on and find another site,” said a purchasing manager. “[My] greatest need is having a good user experience,” answered another end user, “because there are such time constraints on everybody and it has to be done quickly and effectively and move on to the next thing.”

So, if your website doesn’t have a search function, you could be losing a large piece of potential revenue. And, if you’re seeing high bounce rates or long time-on-site with low conversion, the numbers could be indicating a poor user experience.

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And, stay tuned for more in-depth looks into Fathom’s Manufacturing End User Survey.

Abigail Birmingham

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