The Internship: A Win-Win for Companies and College Students

One of Fathom Education’s goals is to help schools with student recruitment. It’s our job to help prospects find the information they’re looking for, discover what makes a school unique, and make the right decisions about their futures.

But Fathom Education Marketing wants to take it a step further. We’re currently planning volunteer initiatives in our community that will help students and schools directly. In the meantime, we’re implementing another strategy: a college internship program.

The Many Benefits of Hiring Interns

After wondering why we have so few interns at Fathom, I worked with another writer on the EDU team, Francesca Luppino, to propose an internship program. We’re interested in recruiting interns not only to get extra help but also to offer students valuable opportunities through internships. Francesca and I know from experience – we both had copywriting internships at Fathom before we were hired full-time.

Internships empower students to:

  • Explore different types of jobs
  • Discover what they like and don’t like about a field
  • Gain experience in a real work environment
  • Develop both soft skills and technical skills
  • Improve their job outlook after graduation

Offering internships is a no-brainer for an education marketing company because interns can:

  • Produce high-quality work once trained
  • Are cost-effective hires
  • Can be vetted as future part-time or full-time employees

Companies usually have to provide on-the-job training for interns, but the investment is worth it if you want to help students and your team. If you’re in college or know someone who is, don’t forget to check Fathom Careers for internship openings, or send your resume and cover letter to Elizabeth Lynch at


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Karen Cover is a Content Strategist for Fathom Education, a higher education marketing agency in Cleveland, Ohio. She specializes in Copywriting and Copywriter Training, Content Marketing, Branding and SEO. Karen is a Hiram College graduate and member of the Resource Council for the Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature. Follow Karen on Twitter at @KarenCover.

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