Why I Joined Fathom

Many people have asked how I ended up joining Fathom after a great 15-year career working at a global level with The Nielsen Company (NYSE: NLSN). It’s pretty simple — the culture and fast-paced growth.

I’ve been fortunate to work with many companies around the world, both large and small, and Fathom is by far one of the most fun and innovative places I’ve ever experienced.  And it’s all happening right here in Cleveland, Ohio. This article in Fast Company speaks the truth: We all want to do great things and make an impact. This is the way we roll at Fathom.

At Fathom there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit and no bureaucracy. It’s all held together amazingly well by a strong commitment to a set of core values. These core values are hard-wired into the operating system at Fathom.

  1. Everyone a leader
  2. Make order from chaos
  3. Be the consigliere
  4. Reward sustainable results

These core values are more than just smartly framed wall art; they are lived and breathed every day. Beyond the core values, another bedrock of our culture is “context over control.” We are all committed to moral and ethical standards, and we know the rules of the road so we are free to do our best work for our team and our clients.

Given that we end up spending more time at work than with our families, I suggest you find a place that challenges and enriches you. I believe I’ve found mine.

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