Top Workplaces in Northeast Ohio: Why Do I Work at Fathom?

[Ed. note: Fathom was just named one of the Top Workplaces in Northeast Ohio for the 2nd straight year. The honor is based on employee feedback, in which spirit one employee explains why she likes working at Fathom.]

I was at an employee meeting at the corporate office today and we were discussing WHY companies would select Fathom as their digital marketing & analytics agency.  It’s good for us to always know what differentiates us in the market, right?

We were encouraged to pause for a moment and think about WHY we chose to work at Fathom.  I consider myself fortunate because my purpose and motivation for being the healthy business development manager at Fathom is clearly and easily defined.

My biggest focus and personal passion is helping companies grow that are trying to make a positive impact on our world through health and wellness, responsible technology, and/or environmentally-friendly products and services.  I want to be the change I want to see in the world, and Fathom allows me to do so.

If you are my type of health-related business, feel free to contact me by name for a free digital marketing assessment.  I truly am happy to be of assistance.

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