What I Learned as an Intern at Fathom

If you asked me six months ago what SEO stood for, I don’t know what I would have said, but I can promise it would not have been Search Engine Optimization. Being a senior in college, I thought I was prepared with everything I needed to land my first job in copywriting. My first day interning at Fathom made me realize how wrong I was.

I had the key components needed to write captivating messages, but I had no idea how much actually went into developing content. I never learned about title tags, meta descriptions, breadcrumb navigation or interlinking pages in any of my classes.

But I met the challenge that Fathom faced me with head on, and I can now proudly say as a full-time employee, that I have learned so much.

Since starting here in January, I learned how to write web content recommendations, optimized press releases, email messages for clients, video scripts, and optimized articles. I am not going to pretend to be an expert, but every day I’m here I also grow slightly more proficient in SEO. Some of the useful things I have learned so far include:

• Google Analytics – I am not an expert in the least, but I now know how to research a client and access relevant information on their website that I can utilize to write content and focus on keywords.
• Keyword Placement – Throughout my internship I learned how to successfully integrate keywords into my writing to create optimized content for a website.
• <h> Tags – Before my internship I didn’t even know <h> tags existed, but now I use them all day, everyday.
• Interlinking Pages – By working with different clients and different websites, I have learned how to promote traffic using relevant key phrases to create a “train track” that runs through a website, creating smooth navigation for visitors.
• Breadcrumb Navigation – I now know that breadcrumb navigation is a really great way to integrate keyphrases, and can help visitors navigate through a website.

While I don’t entirely have the search engine marketing lingo mastered, I am excited to utilize all I learned during my internship at Fathom, and I am sure I will continue to learn something new every single day as a full-time employee. For example, today I learned how to write my very first blog post.

About Angela Verlei

Angela Verlei is a Senior Content Strategist at Fathom, and has been working as a copywriter with the company for more than three years. She is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College, and her experience leans toward the creative side of content creation, SEO and marketing. These skills have steered her to become the lead e-commerce and retail writer at Fathom. Angela specializes in guiding the creation and delivery of cohesive and creative content strategies to exceed client goals. Outside of the office, Angela enjoys using baking and scrapbooking as an outlet for her creativity.

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  • RainJaguarSEO says:

    Way to go Angela. Keep learning and practicing, that’s the best way to stay up on top of these things.

    If you are truly interested in SEO/SEM/PPC, I suggest signing up for SEOBook and learning from Aaron Wall & his elite but easily approachable crew there.

    Best of wishes.

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