Thanks, Steve Jobs

A lot of us here at Fathom were shaken by the death of Steve Jobs last week. It was clear on the faces of the Fathom staff Thursday morning that we had lost an important member of our team. Someone who has helped us innovate and create better results for our clients through his vision and products, even though he never stepped foot in our building.

We have many Apple enthusiasts on staff. They have even been known to start arguments with naysayers because they are so passionate about the vision that Steve Jobs set forth. We’ve spent many days at work with Apple press conferences running in the background. There have been numerous times that we’ve chatted about our Apple products during lunch and discussed which product we are getting next.

Steve Jobs contribution has not only made a difference in our lives personally, it’s helped us professionally, which is why we created this tribute video. We hope it inspires you to take time to think about how Steve Jobs has changed your life and workday. Maybe it will inspire some of you to come up with your own Steve Jobs tribute story! Please post your comments and stories below for the staff to see or post a response video on YouTube.
We know a lot of people are feeling the same pain. Here are some other articles discussing the passing of Steve Jobs.

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  • Abigail Carter says:

    I just wanted to share my story… I was always a PC user when I was younger because I didn’t know any better. But when I got to college and started my career in video editing I used my first Mac and I’ve never gone back! Thanks Steve Jobs!

  • Tricia McCune says:

    I just got up early to stand in line at the Verizon store this morning to get the iPhone4s in 3inch heads. I have now gone 100% Apple with a 2 iPhone, 2 iPad, 4 iPad and 1 Macbook Pro household! I’m so excited!

  • Check out my video response at:

    For me it all started with the Apple IIGS as our first family computer. I was so in awe of the graphics and capabilities at the time. The first Mac I purchased for myself was a Powerbook during my senior year in college. Although it’s about 9 years old and collecting dust it still comes in handy from time to time.

    My design and working style has always been heavily influenced by Apple products simplicity, cleanliness, and functionality. I can’t wait for what the future holds for Apple!

  • Excellent video Abigail, and thanks for the list of articles, all good.

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