Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – September 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Trust an Outside Partner for Organic Optimization
Ever entertained the thought of being your company’s SEO hero? The best kept secret to earning the right to wear the tights, cape and mask is to have someone else do it. Hire a professional outside side of your company so that you can reap the rewards and praise.

PPC Marketing: More Thought Is Now Needed for Successful Results
Pay-per-click (PPC) can lead to an increase in market share, brand awareness, and a healthy portion of your annual sales and revenue. But as PPC becomes more and more sophisticated, it’s important to strategically plan out your pay-per-click campaigns and align them with your overall business goals.

4 Things to Worry About Rather than Inbox Prioritization
It’s dominated headlines and populated countless blogs, newsletters and discussion forums. It terrifies average email marketers and has them scrambling to find a way around it. What is it?

When to Give Up on Social Media
Let’s be honest. When you saw the title of this article, you clicked on it, hoping for justification to close your company’s Twitter account that has five followers (four of which are your employees, and the other is your spouse).

Online Shopping – Going the Distance with Internet Video
Before the advent of the Internet, most consumers’ awareness of video in the shopping process was limited to the knowledge that they were under video surveillance in department stores. Big Brother was watching, and he wanted you to buy, not steal, the wares being offered. Today, with the consistent growth of Web video, the poles have reversed and it’s the customer doing most of the watching – product videos that generate considerable increases in sales and consumer interest via retail websites.

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