Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – September 2009

Achieve Email Success with Database Segmentation
Are you ready to take your email marketing program to the next level by driving high-quality opens, clicks, leads? Start segmenting you database. While the process can take time to fully implement, the results you can achieve by doing so will be well worth the wait. Get started today by following these easy steps…

Getting To Know Your Visitors in Google Analytics
Last month in the Fathom Newswire we looked at establishing goals in Google Analytics. Goals are a great way to measure how well your website is converting your visitors to a desired action. This month, let’s look at visitor information available “out of the box” that requires no customization.

Google Caffeine Search Update Is Promising
Will Google Caffeine be a delectable treat or an erratic search sensation? I’m thinking we’ll like Google’s new dish – in time. Google has too much at stake to make a mess of things. Last month, Google called its new index infrastructure a “secret project” (or at least it was a secret) that will be the “next-generation architecture for Google’s web search.”

Fathom Uses Omniture Search Center to Boost Clients’ ROI
As many of our lucky clients already know, we use Omniture Search Center in combination with Fathom Call Tracking. This gives our clients the best pay-per-click reporting with real-time 24/7 statistics. In addition, it gives us the tools we need to efficiently and effectively squeeze the most of out every marketing dollar.

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