Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – October 2010

Location! Location! Location!

It’s amazing how young children can spot a McDonald’s restaurant from a mile away … just by getting a glimpse of the golden arches. McDonald’s does great job advertising to kids of all ages, as well as adults. Their brand is branded into our brains. They also do a great job at placing their restaurants in locations that drive millions of customers each year.

Is Facebook Advertising Right for You?

Our team recently went to see a movie you may have heard a little something about…’The Social Network’. In light of this movie I thought it would the perfect time to touch on Facebook Advertising. Companies often wonder if Facebook would be a good fit for their online marketing strategy. To help answer this question I have listed a few Advantages & Disadvantages below which should be considered.

Is SMS Right for Your Company’s Marketing Mix?

Some of you may be saying, “What do you mean SMS?” For those of you who don’t know what SMS stands for, Short Message Service…or in simplest terms, texting. You all have seen it, done it…and have the T-shirt, but do you understand the significance of it pertaining to your brand?

The Key to Efficient SEO: Think Like a Marketer, Not Like a Search Engine

Most search engine marketers quickly develop the instinct to think like a search engine, not like a marketer, when optimizing a website and building links to it. Considering no one truly knows how a search engine thinks, we will argue that it is most efficient to think more like a marketer when preparing and carrying out your SEO strategy.

Making Your Videos Searchable: Utilizing Video Sitemaps to Optimize Your Videos

As a producer of video content in the fast-moving and revolutionary world of digital media, it’s important that your audience has the ability to easily locate and access the engaging subject matter that you’re working feverishly to produce and implement on your website.

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