Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – November 2010

Internal Site Search: The Forgotten Conversion Booster
Do you feel that all of your online marketing campaigns are optimized for conversions that produce a favorable Return on Investment (ROI)? You answered YES! Great! Have you leveraged the data in your online marketing campaigns (paid, organic, email, video, display ads) to make sound decisions to continually improve conversion rate optimization and ROI? You answered YES! Outstanding!

Google Click-to-Call: Another Way to Track PPC Success
Today, it seems like nearly everybody has a Smartphone. That means that with the growing army of mobile devices with full Internet browsing capabilities, mobile search traffic is increasing as well. But how likely is it that someone searching from their iPhone is going to take the time to fill out a lead form or search your site for a phone number? Once again, Google has come to the rescue with their Mobile Click-to-Call feature.

You’re Losing Money If …
you’ve consistently ignored email marketing. You know that you are collecting email addresses, but for some reason, you have completely failed to take action. You keep saying that you’ll make room for it in your budget next year, but you have also considered having your social media person handle it for you.

Active in Social Media? How Location-Based Social Media Can Lead to Brand Loyalty and Better Customer Feedback
Love it or hate it, social media isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. Location-based social media is a newer and exciting field. Marketers are constantly struggling with the problem of targeting and branding new places to potential customers. Location-based marketing aims to tackle this problem.

With Internet Video, the Sky’s the Limit!
As the interest in Web video continues to grow as a marketing and sales conversion tool, be encouraged to think “outside the box” when it comes to video applications for your campaigns. The classic “overview” or About Us video is a tried-and-true content deliverable that spotlights a company’s core values, main product offerings, history or value proposition. The equivalent of a visual handshake, this video neatly presents the firm or business in a positive light and highlights its personality or accomplishments. There are, however, other video genres that can be equally effective.

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