Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – November 2009

Email and Social Media: Friends with Benefits
If you have been looking in your inbox lately you have surely seen that email and social media have become good friends. Upon closer examination of this relationship you’re going to see they are more than “just friends”; they are friends with benefits.

Use ‘Bid Adjustment’ Ad Scheduling in Google AdWords to Get an ROI Edge
By looking at pay-per-click trends you may notice that weekends bring in low-quality leads. You may have also noticed that on certain days of the week your cost-per-lead tends to spike and on other days of the week your cost-per-lead tends to drop. As a result, you do a few things to improve lead quality, total profit dollars and overall ROI.

Three Critical Questions When Evaluating Your Website’s Technical SEO
What is the most important element when building a house, an education, a sports franchise, etc? The answer is both logical and simple – a strong foundation. Once that foundation is put in place, adding snazzy details can really finish off a truly worthwhile product.

Do You Have a Handle on Search Engine Rankings?
Search engine rankings can be deceptive. You get a phrase in your mind and you check it out on Google or Bing and you’re impressed with a #3 ranking. Big deal. If it drives traffic and converts, then you’re on to something. In many cases, it’s just a ranking. Maybe you got 18 visitors, or maybe just 8. Did the ranking really make a difference to your bottom line?

A Great New Way to Make Friends
One of the biggest challenges for a successful YouTube channel can be growing a healthy base of subscribers and friends. Sure, sometimes the “magic” happens and one of your videos hits the perfect note at the perfect time, leading to an explosion of views, subscribers, and friends, but for the most part, growing this fan-base tends to be a very active process. It takes time to find the right channels to friend and subscribe to, as video titles and channel names don’t always utilize the terms you’d be searching for. Thankfully, YouTube has a new tool in the pipeline that should take some of the edge off of this time consuming task.

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