Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – May 2011

 Are You Data Mining Your Analytics?

Web analytics is the science and the art of improving websites to increase our clients’ profitability.  It is a science because it uses statistics, data mining techniques, and a methodological process.

Listen to Your Email Subscribers

As email marketers, whatever we do to increase ROI for a client, we do with one simple step in mind: learn from past successes. By listening to what your metrics have to say, you can quickly and easily increase ROI.

LinkedIn Advertising: Pay-off or Rip-off?

Social media sites have quickly taken over, and it’s not just teens and college students who are in on the game anymore. LinkedIn is one of those sites that used to be considered a red-headed stepchild of Facebook, with very little integration or use outside of a personal job experience/resume listing site. Not so anymore.

Want Your Videos to Rank in Universal SERPs?

Getting your video to show up in the top rankings of universal SERPs (search engine results pages) can sometimes be likened to sighting Bigfoot in the Allegheny Mountains.  Let’s just say, it’s not easy.  But don’t let that discourage you!

7 Ways to Use Thank-You Pages Better

Quit turning “Thank you” into “Goodbye” with these simple tips to improve engagement on your thank-you pages.

About Jeff Versteeg

Jeff Versteeg is a senior account executive at Fathom (since 2011), specializing in email marketing. He holds a double major from The Ohio State University in chemistry and economics. Using his background in statistical analysis, Jeff brings a data-driven, testing-focused approach to email marketing.Jeff currently serves as senior account executive for Cleveland Clinic, with whom he has over 20 different points of contact. He also counts National Louis University and Post-Up Stand among his clients. In addition, he has overseen Fathom’s own email marketing operations, including the Fathom Newswire, the company’s flagship monthly email newsletter. Jeff is a member of the Northeast Ohio Usability Professionals Association (NEOUPA) and the Conversion Rate Optimization Professionals Association (CROPA). In his spare time, he enjoys basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, and playing the guitar (poorly).

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