Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – May 2010

10 Ways to Improve Your Website Now
There are millions upon millions of websites. Some have eye-catching designs with Flash, others are less aesthetically pleasing but are filled with pages upon pages of content, and others have a great balance of design and content. How do you balance it all?

Search Laziness and the Cost it Could be Adding to Your PPC Campaigns
Pay-per-click marketing is based on the practice of identifying relevant terms consumers enter when using a search engine, and bidding on ad placements associated with these queries when profitable and prudent to do so. PPC can be a fantastic way to quickly drive targeted traffic to a site, generate high-quality leads, and make online sales when managed professionally. However, if your PPC efforts are not being monitored closely enough, wasteful spending will inevitably creep in. One of the often overlooked drivers of waste in a PPC campaign is “Search Laziness.”

Subject Lines that Suck
People often give me ridiculous ideas for subject lines. While I love to experiment with quirky subject lines, you have to be careful not to ruin your performance. Your subject line can affect your campaign all the way down to the conversions.

Google versus Facebook – Clash of the Titans?
Facebook recently announced an initiative called Facebook Open Graph. The idea is to connect your experiences across the Internet and make it easy to share or “Like” content.

3 Big YouTube Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Finding success on YouTube takes much more than just uploading your video and waiting for viewers. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when trying to make the most of your quality video content.

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