Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – March 2011

7 Easy Ways to Annoy Your Website Visitors
When it comes to increasing conversions – whether you’ve attracted a visitor from a search engine ranking, a PPC ad, or a targeted email with a link back to your website – there’s no better way to see numbers take a nosedive than by annoying your visitors.

Why Your Best Practices are Costing You Money
There are a lot of common email best practices most of us follow. Don’t use long subject lines, keep your copy short and avoid image calls to action, just to name a few. These are called “best practices” for a reason and they will work well in most situations, but they might also be holding you back.

Should You Jump on the Facebook Advertising Bandwagon?
There’s no doubt about it – Facebook has changed us. Not only has it changed the way we interact with friends and family, it has also changed the way advertisers communicate with customers. Just how dramatic is this change? Well, to put it into perspective, Facebook accounted for 4.7 % of the total U.S. online ad market last year. In 2011, that share is expected to grow to a staggering 7.7%! So why is Facebook taking such a drastic toll on paid search?

Video Transcripts and Closed Captioning: Where Optimization and Accessibility Meet Back on the Other Side
As you’ve become more online video savvy over the course of the last year or two, you’re probably feeling fairly confident in your videos from an SEO standpoint. You’ve been writing your scripts with keywords in mind. Your video titles, descriptions, and tags are researched and keyword-focused to correspond with your content and the trending industry terms. You’ve built a fan base on your YouTube channel and have subscribers that come back to watch your new videos as they launch.

10 Reasons to Use Local Online Marketing
There are many reasons to start using local online marketing as a tool to benefit your business and discover a new stream of revenue for your company right in your back yard! Some reasons might be tactical, like to gather competitive intelligence about the market around your business and get a feel for the demand for your product or service. Other reasons might be more tangible, like to increase the traffic to your website and physical storefront to increase your sales in a targeted area.

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