Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – June 2010

Quality of Leads, Not Quantity of Leads…That’s What Is Important
Very often we face the challenge of explaining to our partners that lead quality is more important than lead quantity. This discussion is important to have whether you perform Internet marketing in-house or with an agency.

Want more Leads or Sales? Make Sure You’re Leveraging the Point-of-Action
Providing the right message to ensure trust and confidence is key to any online conversion. Whether they are filling out a form or refinancing a house, you must gain the customer’s trust. Right at this moment, when they decide to continue or leave, is where the leverage must take place. It’s a short timeframe, usually less than 10 seconds. By leveraging these point-of-action moments you can positively affect your paid search campaigns.

Performance-Based Email Marketing: The Phenomenon of Only Paying for Results
If you’re anything like me, your inbox is probably inundated with promotional emails. Save 40% through Sunday. Apply for our rewards card and get 20% off your next purchase. Sign up now. The messages may be slightly different, but the goal is exactly the same. Get consumers to click on the email, see the value in its content, and take the appropriate action.

Heat Maps and Click Patterns Provide Value
Imagine talking to someone on the phone without dialing, or attempting to solve a maze puzzle while blindfolded. Or even better yet, singing song lyrics with no sheet or background music. All of these seem pretty silly, wouldn’t you agree?

Let Your Audience Help You Choose the Topic of Your Next Video
Utilizing your pre-existing viewers is already an important tool when it comes to gaining popularity and rankings for your new videos, but have you ever considered letting them decide what your new videos should be about?

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