Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – July 2011

New: Microsoft AdCenter’s Quality Score
A few weeks back Microsoft AdCenter released quality scores within the UI and keyword reports. This significant improvement gives advertisers the ability to make informed decisions based on keywords, ads, and landing pages.

The Power of Holistic Online Marketing
So you’re covering all the bases now in online marketing – SEO, PPC, Email, Social, Mobile, Video – but are all of these channels working together for maximum effect? This is the power of Holistic Online Marketing, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Are Your Online Reviews Fake?
Online reviews of your products and services are becoming more important in Google’s search results. As such, Google is getting better at identifying and penalizing fake reviews.

New Privacy Regulations Proposed
Pending legislation in Congress could mean big changes for the ways that online marketers collect and use consumer data.

Do You Have a Video Team?
If you don’t, you’re missing the boat on video marketing. Find out how a great team can give you the return you’re looking for from your videos.

About Jeff Versteeg

Jeff Versteeg is a senior account executive at Fathom (since 2011), specializing in email marketing. He holds a double major from The Ohio State University in chemistry and economics. Using his background in statistical analysis, Jeff brings a data-driven, testing-focused approach to email marketing.Jeff currently serves as senior account executive for Cleveland Clinic, with whom he has over 20 different points of contact. He also counts National Louis University and Post-Up Stand among his clients. In addition, he has overseen Fathom’s own email marketing operations, including the Fathom Newswire, the company’s flagship monthly email newsletter. Jeff is a member of the Northeast Ohio Usability Professionals Association (NEOUPA) and the Conversion Rate Optimization Professionals Association (CROPA). In his spare time, he enjoys basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, and playing the guitar (poorly).

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