Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – July 2010

Repurpose Your Blog Post for Maximum Impact
Most people think their blogs will be successful if they add posts to it on a daily or weekly basis. That simple formula just might work for some, but definitely not for all. For example, if your blog is about bobby pins, your readership might be very limited. Your blog will probably be read by bobby pin enthusiasts and a few salon professionals.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Call Mining
Call Mining is cutting-edge technology that tracks your customer calls while improving their profitability. This is achieved by analyzing speech recognition capabilities and data-mining tools. It can run keyword- or phrase-specific queries through your recorded messages such as scanning for a certain product or competitor mention. It can even tell the difference between a male and female caller based on the voice frequency.

A Simple Test to Optimize ‘Send’ Frequency
In email marketing there are numerous aspects of a campaign that require careful planning. One element that can easily be determined without much consideration is the send frequency. It is a delicate balance: send too often and you can easily overwhelm your audience; allow too much time in between sends and your audience can lose interest. Finding the right send schedule is extremely important to ensuring the long-term success of your campaign.

Video: Get. Convert. Measure.
The Fathom organic Search Engine Optimization Program (SERV) is designed to get potential clients to your website when they’re ready to buy. These visitors are then converted into leads and revenue for your business.

Optimizing Online Videos is Crucial & Easy
Everyone loves creating online videos. Some of them are cool, funny and viral, while others might be dry and boring. Regardless of the content of the video, you still need to make sure it is well optimized.

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