Search Engine Marketing NewsWire – July 2009

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4 Reasons Your Email Marketing Program is Failing
Your open rates stink. Your click-through rate is below your industry’s average. The conversion rate on your landing page is… wait, you’re not using a landing page? These are all signs that your email marketing program is failing.

YouTube’s New Channels Bring Branding Opportunities
If you’ve logged into your YouTube account in the last couple weeks, you’ve likely noticed that the design on some video channels has changed. While it may be news to most, YouTube has actually been testing their new channel design system in beta for several months now, allowing enterprising users to try out the new options before the system became universal. More than one million users have already opted-in to the new system, but the site-wide transition is set to occur on July 15, 2009.

Look for Profits from Bing and Other Google Alternatives
Can businesses find a profitable life beyond Google? You bet. Bing, Microsoft Corp’s new search engine product, is a prime symbol of that non-Google world. You can argue that Microsoft is again simply chasing after Google – taking Google’s lead. Although Microsoft has taken a few knocks for not being the leader in search, it’s still a player worthy of attention.

Landing Pages: Less is more … or is it?
We recently ran a test for our clients. Traditional pay-per-click marketing best practices tell you to develop a landing page with straightforward content and little-to-no navigation. This forces the visitor to fill out the form to get more information and then turn it into a lead, thus giving you the lowest cost per lead.

Dig a Little Deeper for Hidden Treasures
An important part of any organic SEO effort is thinking about the keywords that can best optimize a website. Fathom has become quite sophisticated in the process of discovering potential keywords that websites can best support by analyzing a website’s strength, the competitive landscape, the potential for traffic and how relevant a phrase might be to your potential customer. We then track the selected words’ ranking over time and consider their impact on traffic. But that is not the end.

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